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January 24, 2010

Akira Short by Eyetape Productions

A friend of mine, Mark Tan of Eye Tape Productions,
asked me a few weeks ago if i could help him out with a short film.
I had the flu, really bad. Bedridden bad. It was bad.
But it was a night on which i was feeling much better,
but it was 1 in the morning when he asked.
And I said yes.
A late night in really cold temperatures,
sick as a dog,
riding in the back of a moving pickup,
and drenched in fake blood.

All for only like, one second of fame.
But WHAT a second it was!

Mark Tan has been working on a live-action short based off Akira.
Enjoy his hard work after the jump.

Akira: The Kaneda Short Film from Eye Tape on Vimeo.

Try to find me in his short! You'll be sure to enjoy it!

Again, Mark Tan of Eye Tape Productions
Check out his stuff!
It is totally fantastic!

Michael Castellanos!

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