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May 13, 2010

Writing, Writing, Writing......

That's all I've been doing lately. I have a few projects I've got up my sleeve.

A couple of years ago, this guy read, in the UK, read one of my scripts and wanted me to write him a pilot for a bipolar cop (i still have it, if anyone wants to take a gander at it). I wrote, he liked it, and decided not to produce the show due to some rough moments in his life. Ever since then, we have kept in contact about life, film, and about how I want to tour Europe. (Maybe with Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol.) Anyways, one day he asked me to write him a pilot for a comedy/adventure vampire web series. I've let a few people read it and they liked it. I let him read it and he loved it. If you wanna know more about the show go to it's fan page.

Of Livers and Dirty Cops [Working Title]
I don't know if you guys remember Alejandro Hinestroza, he is the guy dancing "naked" in Beginning of A New Era (look to the right), I was discussing to him a movie that the two of us could play in. It's about a organ harvester who just discovers that his own liver is failing him and getting a transplant will be vital. After discovering he has a fraternal twin brother, he sets out to steal his new found relative's organ. But of course I couldn't make the story so simple. It turns out that his twin brother is a cop who has just uncovered a huge scheme of dirty cops and is just about to turn in the evidence. So the story follows the complication of the harvester trying to get that liver and the brother running away from dirty cops. It's supposed to be a comedy.

Prostitute Love [Working Title]
This story follows a group of cops who have a weird fetish of banging prostitutes and then killing them. So now, one of the cops falls in love with a prostitute and tries to protect her from the others. So it's another chase movie in a sense, but this one isn't a comedy. More of a Tarantino/Rodriguez style movie.

What I've been doing for the features is writing the opening scenes. For Staked, I've been working out a whole season of story ideas. I'm also working on a secret video fro SA. So yea, watch out for more news on each.

Why Doesn't Anyone Believe I'm 17,
Edgar van Aces


Andrés said...

Inexplicable urge to always be your human Spell Check: Scheme. It's spelt scheme.

Michael Castellanos! said...

alright, i have no idea what you're talking about here, where is 'scheme' spelled wrong?

Andrés said...

i call cheats. the singular instance of the word "scheme" in this post was previously spelt "skeem". i seen it with mine own eyes.

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