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March 25, 2011

The Favor

Hello bloggers.
Let me say that again for added effect.
Hello Bloggers.

Sometimes we (as human) become so bored we rediscover things we thought we lost.
For me, i have rediscovered CTV and my creativity.

Before i tell you my idea i must get a few words out.

I am sorry.

I am sorry i have deserted CTV.

I am sorry that i have not written anything until today.

I am sorry for the wait.

And i am sorry for allowing this blog to become what it has become.

NOW, without further talking.
I present.

(a comedy)

If you make a deal with the devil, your sure to get burned, Badly. But what if you accidentally made a deal with the devil. What if you where unfortunate to owe the devil a favor.

Our story starts here.

Isaac just ran out of body wash, and really wants to get clean. But when the devil loans him his body wash (that smells like cinnamon) and shows up at his beside a week later to collect, what will our young protagonist do?

Find out.
When it comes out.

Keep it saucy people,

Jonathan hudgens
Darkhound productions
Spot dog studios

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