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January 22, 2010

Superhero Movie not about superheroes

So, I have this new movie idea stuck in my head. Yesterday, my friends were talking about making a superhero film. So, I came up with this idea while walking to the library, a superhero movie about a geek who tries to capture the true college experience. Except, I write it like a superhero movie. Of course, it is a comedy because he isn't actually a super hero but I won't shoot it like a comedy, I will shoot it like a dark hero flick like The Dark Knight or something. I was thinking of adding a little bit of Cohen Brothers dark lighting to it (A Serious Man style) so in a way it is a comedy. Of course, I will add outlandish characters and everything, but I want the movie to go very slow. I was thinking of how could I add the nemesis? Like who should it be?

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