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January 21, 2010

A Day Full o' Zombies?

There are plenty of stills in my gigantic collection of archival photos.
these are the few that make me itchy to make a zombie flick.

(Images after the jump)

This, of course, would be the wall that separates the survivors from the infected.
Or vice versa.

This happy little place would make a fantastic jail scene.
Because what else can you film here? Seriously, nothing but zombies.

Looks like a great movie poster, no?

obviously i think a lot of about zombies.
honestly, almost every new environment i'm in (forest, city, mall, school),
i think to myself, "this place would look better with zombies."

stage one of zombie movie has been set into motion, Inspiration.
now lets see if it can make it to stage two, whatever that is.

Michael Castellanos!

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