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February 20, 2010

Art Center, Vita, Velvet Underground, Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol

Greetings, watchers!
Plenty of news, ideas, and things for all of you to read!
(and yes, they all have to do with this post title.)

First off, absolutely ZERO progress was made on working on a new film for my portfolio to Art Center.
So in its stead, I shall be submitting BLOCK. I hope they enjoy it.
I still have to get this all done and submitted (portfolio and application) by March 1st! So I gotta get on the ball.

Vita. The pending title for a new short I'm writing. I already have some sort of a gist worked out,
but it's still a work in progress. A film dealing with life, death, and the afterlife,
meetings with God being commonplace, and touchy issues such as immortality and the harvesting of souls.
These such things will be touched upon in the upcoming film, Vita. (pronounced VEE-TA)

Currently I've found myself listening to a LOT of Velvet Underground. So I figured that just for fun I'd make a Music Video.
Which song you ask? What better song than the story driven hit, The Gift. Here are the lyrics too.
This is something I'll just be working on in my free time, it doesn't seem too difficult.
Sounds like a lot of fun to work on also. Hope you all totally dig the song. Make sure you read the lyrics along with it.

Van Aces, Neil Soiland, and myself have recently come up with the brilliant idea of teaming up for an Omnibus Film.
(a la Tokyo!, Paris, je t'aime, and Four Rooms)
We've decided the film will be titled Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol. Each of us with a separate word in said title.
Edgar has been commissioned for a short on Drugs.
Neil has volunteered himself to take on the task of a short with the subject of Alcohol.
This leaves myself to theatrically portray a film on Sex.

Don't touch that dial,
we'll be right back!
Michael Castellanos!

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faceinthesun said...

Hmmm...i see where this is going. i like!

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