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February 20, 2010

Sex with Michael, Drugs with Me, and Alcohol with Neil

As mentioned in the above post, Michael, Neil, and I are working on an anthology film entitled Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol. The film consists of us dividing the title and doing a segment on each word. I have taken on the content rich subject of drugs.

Since, we are limited to time within the film, I have decided to limit my drugs topic to only one specific drug, Marijuana. My story will follow a character called Eddie Smith, highly based on my inner-self and inner-emotions, and his experiences with the drug as introduced by a girl named Brianne, a mixture of some of my ex-girlfriends and prior love interests (some will stick out more than others if you know me well). I am thinking that the film will follow one weekend, so instead of showing how heavy the use of the drug is, I will show the drug in relationship to Eddie and Brianne and the different reasons they both use it.

I am thinking of using a lot of out-there scenes, awkward moments, and of course my ill humor into this one. I will make my section of this film extremely Edgar by adding every bit of my personal sick, asshole-like humor into it.

I already wrote a short version of the film already for my short scriptwriting class and I am waiting for feedback from my marvelous professor to see if that version of the story is the approach I will be taking for my segment of the film. Well, as soon as I get back my script, I will get back to you.

Edgar van Aces

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