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February 27, 2010

Fake Profile, Fake Photos, Fake Crying... What an Effin Friday

With Drugs and Alcohol suspensions at an all time high this year, PUC has been working non-stop to try to add more to there suspension score. Recently, PUC made a WTF-worthy attempt to catch students who were partying by befriending them with a fake Facebook account. Sadly, PUC's try at moral justice was failed by the very medium they tried to use to catch us, the internet. Before night even fell on Friday, text messages, FB statuses, and numerous posts on the imposter's page herself gave everyone hints that Madison Johnson was a total fake. But I decided to take the road not taken. Why just let PUC try to punk us? Let's punk PUC back. First, I made an album of pictures of wild nights with Madison Johnson. Second, I put up a status inviting everyone to meet up at a party being hosted by our lovely spy Madison Johnson. I decided all this wasn't enough. So much more could be done. I could leave a huge "Why were you stupid?" in the administration's mouth. So, Ozzy and I made a video parodying Chris Crocker's "Leave Britney Alone." The video has been catching some views and I have received views. Though the videos are funny, I have a serious message behind them. We have no reason to take what PUC has been doing recently sitting down. PUC has been crossing over some serious human rights. And I refuse to let them get away with it. So, PUC. You threw the first punch.

Big Mistake,
Edgar van aces

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