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February 26, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood: PUC style

My names Jonathan Hudgens.
Plain and simple.
I am a recent addition to CTV.
If I had to redo the Little Red Ridding-hood story, I would change Little Red riding hood to a guy, and the wolf to a girl. I would also change the destination from grandmas house to Nickel Hall, located on the isolated campus called PUC.
The title would be... hmmmm..... Red Shirt Joe, and the Foxy lady.

Whats the reason for doing this; putting my own big twist on the L.R.R.H.story?
I'm redoing this story because there have already been too many remakes and versions of it,
and I wanted to add mine to the fray.

So, without further adjustments, i give you.....

Title: Red Shirt Joe and the Foxy lady.


Once upon a time, in a college one hour away from any form of civilization, there was a student.
There were few word to describe this student, but the word that really described him was red. Very red. He wore red to school, to work, and even on every date. He was red, and red was him.
He was not a gang member.
He did not do drugs.
He did not attend parties because he was invited to none.
All he wanted was to be himself in a world where everyone wanted to be somebody else.

Then there was the Foxy Lady, Silvia Wolf. So why would i call The foxy lady Silvia Wolf?
1) Shes cunning, like a fox.
2) Shes replacing the wolf in the actual story.
Silvia was a very sly woman. She would weasel her way into any situation. The other students hated her. She was lacking in physical attraction. She had drooping eyes, saggy breasts, and long legs that did not complement her short body. No guy would touch her, even with a ten foot pole.
Poor Joe.
I shudder at the thought.
Poor Joe.
She wanted him. Of all the guys in the school, he was the one she had chosen to spawn with.

He had always known he had a stalker. But he what he did not know was that she would get...out of control.
Oh, and she got out of control. Especially on that day when he had finally gotten a real girlfriend.
Joe's girl was not pretty, she was cute. Her chest was small, she was not tall. But she seemed to emanate positive energy everywhere she went. Oddly, Joe found himself attracted to her. And within weeks after meeting each other, they became "official". He loved her energy, her smile, and her laugh. He loved her eyes, her skin, and her touch. And her name...Oh her name...He loved the sound of her name. He would find himself repeating it randomly throughout the day.
Anna Smith. A-N-N-A S-M-I-T-H.
It had a pleasant ring to it.

Oh me, oh my. I'm afraid I've written far to much.
Would you, our readers, like to hear more of the story?
If so, dont hesitate to ask.

This is just some of the script so far, written in novel form.

The day is still young,
Jonathan Hudgens.


Michael Castellanos! said...

Take 3: an alright post, took you long enough.

Foxy lady is a pretty terrible codename for this girl though, seeing as how 'Foxy' typically means attractive. Try researching a little before posting anything.

and again, from now on, when you comment on posts, post under your goddamn name, no aliases.

and again,
welcome to the blog, Hudgens.

Michael Castellanos! said...

and you spelled Nichols wrong.

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