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February 7, 2010

Help Michael Make a Movie!!

Alright, so here it is.
I have to film, edit, and video-file-ize a film that is under 20 minutes long,
before March 1st.
I want to apply for Art Center Pasadena,
and I need a good film to put in my portfolio!

If anyone wants to be on board to act,
or just help out in whatever ways you can,
(not with the script or movie idea, that's all me, don't encroach)
please feel free to contact me and say something like,
"hey Michaels, I'm your guy/girl/machine/beast!"

I have no idea for a movie yet, but I'm brainstorming,
I'm thinking along the lines of a narrative flick,
a more serious tone with dashes of comedy here and there.

Stay Tuned for Further Details,

Michael Castellanos!

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