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February 8, 2010


If you checked what my long haired counterpart put up last night, we banned Michael and Edgar from the internet. The video was getting viewed by so many random people, we were afraid of who might see it. (Ridiculous, I know!!!) So after such success with it, we decided to adopt basic film studio logic: If a film does well, make a sequel. I stayed up last night wondering what could the film be about. Obviously the first one was just us being random, so I decided to give M&E 2 a more of a narrative approach.

After talking to Michael about it, We titled the film Michael and Edgar Made a Porno and the story will follow the aftermath of our video. What can you expect: Pimps, a dance scene, and yes 2 Edgars. Maybe 3????

The Man Who Has Been Just Now Described as Ridiculous
Edgar van Aces

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