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February 12, 2010

Just Throwing This Out There

If you look at the left of the page and read the section Topic of Interests, I'm then number one topic. I'm just saying.

"They're paying to watch you be f****ed",
Edgar van Aces


Anonymous said...

Lol...u are the #1 topic of interest..i wonder why? jk....anyway when do i get to see this video that stired up things?....Miz D.

Edgar van Aces said...

well there is a reason why its not up anymore...its people like you i dont want to see it donnel...and why do you put up an anonymous comment if you were going to sign your name at the bottom

Michael Castellanos! said...

I just realized that either I'm a total moron because you're joking, or you're not joking and you're a total moron because the Topics are in alphabetical order!

Edgar van Aces said...

God damn it ozzy mike.....why?? why????

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