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February 24, 2010

A Pair of Pants and A Competition

Back in my junior year of high school, I wrote a screenplay for a movie entitled The Pants. It wasn't exactly one of my greatest works(it was completely garbage actually). Then out of nowhere it got better, I guess. Soon, I gave up on it. Until out of nowhere this British guy came out of nowhere and just wanted to produce it. So, I got all excited and was waiting to here back from him. When I finally heard back from the a-hole, I found out he was dodging me because he took my baby and disfigured it trying to make his own story out of it. I was like screw that guy and told him I was producing it myself. I ended up just re-writing the script and doing nothing with it. Until now, when Vance emailed me about a screenplay competition yesterday. So, out of the blue, I submitted my script. I've heard it was good but we can only hope. So please cross your fingers, I get into this competition.

Now Injected with Nervousness,
Edgar van Aces


elissa. said...

so thaaaat's what you were waiting to do this morning!
i hope you get iiiin! :]]

Edgar van Aces said... was...i hope i get in too...vance said my pages were really good but then again vance is really really nice

Anonymous said...

you have talent... you just need the right people to recognize it... i do hope u make i though! cant wait to see your name on the big screens :) ... Miz D.

J-izzie man said...

Dude, you will do well!!!

Edgar van Aces said...

thank you hudgens

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