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February 24, 2010

Voting Has Started Here on Campus

So, it's Thursday and The Fight for the Campus Center has begun and I'm gonna tell you who my glorious picks are in case you are having trouble making your own.

SA President-Mikaele Cruz! Besides rocking the Obama Poster, the man promises some reasonable changes. He admits that he isn't going to bring girls into the dorm, but he is going to attack some issues that our campus has been overlooking. Plus, this man is hella qualified and just has that professional, go to work feel.

SA Religious VP- Jeremy Lam! Do I believe he is qualified for the job? Absolutely not, but the man showed that he had to spunk to at least try. He went up there and did his piece and had people laughing. With that kind of energy, he could be the representative for African-Americans and still do an amazing job.

SA Executive VP-Michel Shenouda. His slogan says it all.

SA Social VP-Chris David! Did you see that effin video?? It killed all the other speeches. I blame Scott Brizzy for letting Chris David go first, because his opponents couldn't help but stutter after that deafening applause. He obviously knows alot of us, so he will know what we want.

CC Editor-Divya Joseph. She sounds legit as hell. She's obviously knows alot about the business since she has been trained by some of the biggest names in journalism. She also promised to include sports in the C2. That is something I wanted to hear so bad. Actually, Divya's speech killed so bad that I forgot she even had an opponent.

Video Yearbook-Aaron Friggin Doyle!!!! He's my roommate and a fellow filmmaker. I mean the no box is a straight up asshole. Trust me! He sleeps in our room yet doesn't clean up after himself, stays up late hours, and sleeps with our women. Screw that damn box. Vote Doyle because O'Doyle Rules.

Funnybook and Diogenes Lantern-Amador JaoJoco and Loni Johnston. It's not cause they are the only ones running, it's because they have awesome advertising skills. That video was so cute!!!!!

That's who I'm putting in the Campus Center,
Edgar van Aces

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