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February 21, 2010

Una Problema

As Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol continues to work in my mind, I have found myself trapped in a wad of doo doo. This doo doo is a problem that many people here at PUC face: casting. I have come to the conclusion that my film will involve one scene where the characters interact in a very (cover your eyes, Kylee) sexual way. Now, this isn't for fun at all (Not like my prior to film), this actually has a lot to do with the entire meaning of the film and the entire conflict of it. So, I am going to need a girl who is comfortable not being nude, but in her bra. That's it. Oh and a guy comfortable with her being like that around him.

Any Suggestions,
Edgar van Aces


redfacedlier said...

hmmmm...we go to a Christian school edgar. i dont think any girl here would do that.

Edgar van Aces said...

wow.....thank you redfacedlier....your insight from the sky just struck me....i should write a blog post about how i will never find a girl who would do that...oh wait...its this blog post

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