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February 4, 2010

What's Next, Daddy-O?

Now that Michael and Edgar has premiered, been flagged, and might soon be hidden from the claws of BP, I am bored. So, I have decided to work on some projects in the future. Here is what to look out from Los Negritos:

The Fall of Reality:
So, i don't know if you've heard of Neil's movie yet, but Los Negritos Productions has just signed on to be producers for the project. Oh, yeah! I can see it now. Executive Producer-Edgar van Aces. Pretty sick I star and produce the movie bitches. So look out for this coming of age drama during the summer.

Oh. It's gonna be better than the title. We are going to make a bunch of shorts about cops at PUC. And since it's PUC, you already know how it's going down. I am thinking five episodes minimum and possibly a whole movie.

Michael And Edgar 2
Yes! It is the brand new brainchild of mine. All I can say now is that there will be pimps, way more naked, and possibly a musical dance break

Until then,
Eduardo de Aces


Carlos said...

If u guys need any help in
the cops vid.
I would like 2 help.

Edgar van Aces said...

most def ill hit you up carlos

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