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March 19, 2010

Awesome Idea

Ok, ok. Here it is....Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

Super Mario: PUC.
Ok, the girls dorm, where princess Peach lives, needs a plumber.....badly.
So here comes Mario, but the evil Bowser get there first and kidnaps Peach....again.
But even Bowser does not know why her kidnaps Peach.
Here comes live action Mario to save the day.

What will happen?
Find out in this awesome parody of an awesome game about a plumber, high on mushrooms.

This blasted song wont leave me alone!
Jonathan Hudgens


Edgar van Aces said...

sounds good...wanna see it

jonathan hudgens said...

Thanks dude. Despite my spelling errors...Thanks.... ill get to writing.....

Edgar van Aces said... interested in how ur gonna pull of bowser

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