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March 16, 2010

The Fall Of Man Sings

I have this weird way of writing my movies. I play it all out in my head first. Then I add a score to it. I listen to the score for days and days before I start writing. Once I've internalized the emotions from the score, I go to hell and write the screenplay.

So, soon I'm gonna start on The Fall of Man full version script. Ozzy and I have been looking for indy bands to score SDA. Well a band literally fell into my lap. I saw The Drags performed at our school talent show and they rocked the house enough to score the third place spot. So I talked to their lead singer Ben Gonzalez and asked if he would help me score Fall of Man since after attentively listen to his myspace page, I feel his music is extremely appropriate for my film. If you wanna get a peek at it, here.

Until then,
Edgar van Aces

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