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March 1, 2010

Good News and Bad News (Geico Joke Not Included)

So, I didn't make it into the Writer's Boot Camp. Like Ozzy (Michael) said, they don't know what they are missing. I am going to enter in Scriptapalooza, which has a larger acceptance rate so I'm working with Vance, my Screenwriting professor, on a rewrite.

On the good side, I got one of my scripts back from Vance. That script, The Fall Of Man, is what I am going to base my story for my segment of Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol on. I am going to try to tone down the story though, so it will be easier for production. I have passed around the short version of Fall of Man (short as in 10 pages) and everyone has liked it so far. I'm still deciding on that pretend sex scene...if I should change it to where they don't have sex like she just takes off her jacket and as if they are or something like that. I DUNNO!

Working hard,
Edgar van Aces

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elissa. said...

glad to see you just got right back up, buddy!

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