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March 1, 2010

Cracked Open Maya 2008 Again

OK, I started the modeling process. Here's a screen shot.
Production is going good. Mr. Knight introduced me to the guy who is going to speak tomorrow at seven. Cool dude.
[Marshall Lee Toomey, an animator straight from Disney, will be guest speaking at Pacific Union College on March 2, 2010. Mr. Knight is part of the faculty here at PUC.]
I think I'm going to like my film and television career. I cant wait till my animation is done.
CTV, I'll keep you posted.
My next post will be of the first, finished, model.

Had a great day for once,
Jonathan Hudgens

[Editor Update: Michael Castellanos!]


Michael Castellanos! said...

Whoa dude, slow down there with all the posts!
Save some time for the rest of us to come up with some ideas! haha
We don't need updates on everything!
We don't want this animation to take over the ENTIRE blog now! hahaha
Good stuff though, looking forward to it!

jonathan hudgens said...

OK :)

Edgar van Aces said...

who the hell is mr. knight?

jonathan hudgens said...

Our presidents husband.

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