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March 10, 2010

I Think We Are All Tired

"Love. Friendship. That's all bullshit! Things that can be sold to the highest bidder, like everything else."
-Jessica (from my script for class called The Target)
Said like a true hero last night, by one of my characters.
Last night, all of the Short Scriptwriting students pulled the Rockstars out of the fridge and prepared for an all-nighter. I was no exception.
And now one word describes us all, TIRED!!!
Its funny how the days seem to meld together when you don't go to sleep.
But, all in all, all of the film majors in that class would say that it was worth it.
Slowly our scripts unfolded into timeless stories;
full of laughter, pain, sorrow, action and anything else our, now depleted, creative juices could conjure up.
Now all we can do is turn it in and hope for the best.

Holy Mollie, that turtle was going 2 miles an hour,
Jonathan Hudgens

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