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March 29, 2010

SCAR: The Hero Within

Ever since i was a little boy i used to daydream about heroes. The thought of a hero excited me.
Thus, when i started drawing, thanks to a series of circumstances, my first picture was of a werewolf. Eventually i wanted my art to have life. It was from then on that i fell into the love for comics.
Thus, my first hero that i ever put into a comic would become my most cherished.

So, after many rewrites of the story in my mind, here's my idea:

SCAR: The Hero Within

It is often said that it is ones circumstances and choices that shape ones being. For this reason i understood my brothers feeling toward humans.
We were monsters.
Our parents abandoned us when we were kids, out of fear.
My brother grew up to become the most feared mob-boss of the most feared monster gang.
I grew up to become a hero, desperate to show the world that, even though i had the outward appearance of a monster, inside i was a normal person.
He wanted to show humanity that monsters were to be feared.
I wanted to show the city that, even thought we were monsters, we did not like to act like monsters.
My brother and i grew up to become polar opposites.
A wise man once told me.
"Your a monster, scar. You will always be a monster. People fear monster to the point where they hunt them down and kill them, not for who they are, but for what they are. Show them that inside, your not the monster they think you are."
This was before he was brutally murdered by my brothers gang.

But my story does not start there.

It starts out when Scars brother gets released from prison, and reveals his plan to blow up the city.

Too much to take in?

Well heres more.

The love interest, Silvia, is part of Scars brothers gang.

She know, deep down, that Scars brother is wrong. But Shes too afraid of the what the boss would do to her if she tried to get out.

This is a story about love and loss.
About brothers trying to find the reason for their existence.
About the Choices one makes.
About the paths one takes.
About a city thats desperately in need of a hero.
"People pray for heros, the want a hero. Even to the point where they dream of heros. But when it gets time for someone to step up and be that hero, Every one remains quiet. Which leads me to believe that maybe, they never wanted a hero at all."

This is the the story of...

So this is my idea. If anybody want to co-write it with me, that would be great.
send me your criticism. Tell me what you think.

i am that hero,
Jonathan Hudgens

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