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April 5, 2010

Things A'Brewin'

Well I've been trying to keep myself busy here,
regardless of distractions (School, Life).
But I will say this:
Progress is being made.
What exactly is that progress being made on?
Well, press Play to find out.

My segment for Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol is currently being written, slowly but surely.
So far its been tentatively titled Benefits.
A short synopsis? why must you people ask for so much?
There will be none given, just stay tuned.

In other news!
I am currently planning a live action remake of a Don Hertzfeldt cartoon!
Which one, you ask?
Why, Lily and Jim of course.
I am planning to film it non-HD, but on an old camcorder, for the shake-y feel.

For those of you who have yet to see Lily and Jim,
below are the youtube embeds of part one and part two.
Enjoy, then get a grasp of what it'd be like live action.

Why have I yet to actually FILM anything!
Michael Castellanos!

1 comment:

Phili-B steaK said...

I'm excited to see the product finished in live-action. Is the screenplay written yet?

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