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March 11, 2010

Something I Really, Really Would Love To Do

Sorry to Hudgens the blog*, but I have this awesome concept I wanted to share with you guys.
My junior year, I was asked by my teacher to enter into a script competition. My script was a 10 minute short having to deal with my funeral. I honestly wish I still had the script so I could share with you guys, but it's all in my head. Anyways, my concept is that I want to shoot a movie called Edgar van Aces is Dead! I wanna shoot a movie about my own funeral. It sounds emotionally wrecking and something that can make someone extremely vulnerable, therefore it's my kind of comedy. What do you think?

Edgar van Aces

*Hudgens the blog - to clog up the blog with one's own posts.


elissa. said...

only if it means edgar momplaisir is coming back, rather than van aces.

*yes, i took the time to look at your puc email on your facebook for your last name. haha

Edgar van Aces said...

hahahahaha wow....and no...i dont think that is how it will end

elissa. said...

then i don't find it all that exciting.. haha :]]

Edgar van Aces said...

haha i disturbs me so much....i am so afraid of death and i care too much what people think of me...this is a movie idea i get to toy with those things

elissa. said...

no no.. that's not true.. it sounds interesting.. but extremely melancholy.

elissa. said...

i suppose so.. :/

Edgar van Aces said...

yea....its gonna make people go wow...and I know I am going to emotionally break down writing this a million shoulda seen how much trouble I had with The Fall of Man....its too ouch man

elissa. said...

i'm not a MAN!
but i gotchu.
ohhh the life of an artist. :D
strong, yet emotional. without reaching over into homosexual territory.
that's a skill! haha

Edgar van Aces said...

hahaha and how do ya figure ;)

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