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March 10, 2010

It's Called Effin Clutch

So, I'm not your usually writer. No sir! I am a new breed of awesome. I like to bitch about my writing until the last minute and out of pure anger, disparity, and sick skills implemented into my brain by a certain 7/8th grade teacher, I killl my writing at the very last minute. I call this phenomenon clutch writing.

As told to you by Ozzy Mike and my lesser companion said earlier, we had to create a pilot screenplay. I decided to base mine off of some high school friends. I decided to apply them to my college life and things I go through here. It's like Always Sunny meets Seinfeld meets how sarcastic I am and how I never give up if it means being right.

I let my roommate read some of what I had and he fell in love with it. I think we finally found the project that the both of us want to collaborate on. If you wanna read the script, give me a holler or out of pure boredom, I'll put it up. Also, we might work on this next quarter so we will start casting soon.

Hit me up if you're interested
Edgar van Aces
(Senor Clutch)

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