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March 15, 2010

Spring Break And Why It Relates

So, the wild rampage of stress from this quarter will finally come to an end.
Since the quarter will be over, I am supposed to get rest.
Not quite.

Remember Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol? ('cause I didn't)
I am going to be all over that script. It's due by the end of spring break...
So I got that to work on.

Also, if you look to the right of this blog, there are videos that each of us have made.
There is a video made by me and my partner in crime Alejandro Hinestroza called Beginning of A New Era.
It's an experimental dance video. Alejandro and I have decided to continue the story.
(besides the assumed ending of a death)
So I'll be shuffling through ideas over that.

Plus I have some surprises up my sleeves... So watch out Spring Break.

Edgar van Aces

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