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April 5, 2010

Not Dead Yet

Yes, Yes, Yes.... I know I've been gone for a while and you have missed me oh so much.
But I did not return empty handed. I have some news.
Press play and hear the gospel

Bad News first... My frequent collaborator Alejandro Hinestroza (the naked dancing guy in Beginning of A New Era and the guy who curses at me in Whatcha Say?) is no longer attending PUC. So now he will be representing Los Negritos Productions from Southern California.

Before Alejandro left we were planning on making a sequel to Beginning of A New Era... Well I've been having major block with that idea. I decided to take on making a new music video based off the song The Party by Justice. The music video will be based on a party I attended and was suspended because of. It's gonna be interesting and really slow like the song.

Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol is rolling. I got the two roles casted. I prefer not to say who. Working on picking up a cinematographer and adding more to the crew. We should be shooting in 2 weeks or less. Really excited for that.

I am currently working on a humor blog with my friend Renato Aurilo. You can find it at

Last and in no way least, I will be making a musical on one of the greatest artists of our century (sarcasm included): LADY GAGA. I will be making a musical starring me as Lady Gaga satirizing most of songs which for some reason are extremely addicting.

That seems just about right. Au Revoir,
Edgar van Aces

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