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May 10, 2010

The Trilogy

Hey, I'm Philip and this is my first post on Cinema Thought Vomit.
A few things about myself
1. I swam on a floor to a wall (that's why one of my nicknames is Phelps)
2. *drool* *stare* (0 , 0)
Well anyway...
Let's have a dangerous and productive, yet fun journey!

The best kinds of parties are the ones that leave you thinking about inspirational things. So here I was on the computer just browsing, when my thoughts went to thoughts of mother's day came up. I immediately thought to myself of how fucked up I have been to my parents and how Mute Love (a movie that was inspired by my parents and a K-movie) was never finished. So my mind turned to a certain classical song that left me with wet, glazed eyes and a heart that dropped to my feet.
Anyways, I'm thinking of doing a musical trilogy, possibly with the same feel as Mute Love. It will cover all movements of Moonlight Sonata. I'm thinking for the first movement, there will be a funeral with a son remembering the times he had with his dead mother. I'm still working on thinking something for the 2nd movement since it's different from the others. For the 3rd movement, I'm thinking of going back to San Jose and San Francisco to film a dance battle. Anyways I'm done here, so any suggestions/people who want to help out with this project?

Philip Kuo aka Phelps


elissa. said...

i still can't believe that you actually talk...

Michael Castellanos! said...

the best kinds of parties are the ones that you don't remember.

Phili-B steaK said...

true true, but the best kinds of parties also the ones that leave you thinking about what the hell just happened?

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