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May 16, 2010

Down This Strange Road

Recently, I've been thinking about my future plans and what I should do in life, film, etc. As I looked back in my past, I realized that everything sort of fit together to what I should be....

a Psych Major.
So from now on, I'm leaving this step in film to go to another journey back into my past to confront who I am, a Psych Major. It's been fun guys and I appreciate what you guys have done for me, you've brought me back from the dead and have given me life. And now that I have seen my ways, I'm going to take my leave without taking a look back just so I don't change my mind. Thank you all for everything.

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I was fucking with y'all! Anyways yeah, like I said I'm reminiscing about my past and everything seems to come together. My music lessons, love for sound/harmony, and how everything from the past seems to fit in with everything and all. So I decided that I'm going to be going into the music video and commercial industry and maybe if I get lucky direct a few movies. As for my Production company, it's first official production is coming up and the company will officially be called Museicality Pictures. (or Museycality)

Your Ecstatic Companion
Philip aka Phelps Kuo