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May 28, 2010

Some Sort of Season Finale???

So, I dunno!! I've always felt like life was a more like a TV show instead of a movie (the philosophy behind why we can discuss in a much longer, future post). Recently, with the school year ending and all, everything has felt so Season Finale-ish. As if things are coming to an end, but with so much promise of things to do next year.

Last night I had an amazing night with my fellow film majors at the PUC Student Film Festival. Though none of my films were allowed in the festival, the oh so promising director Halstyn Hart allowed me to act in her Indiana Jones tribute: The Tree of Life. I had an amazing time on set and getting the chance to be a "British" lab assistant. It was an amazing experience watching myself on the big screen and seeing people laugh at the funny parts. Pictures of the night can be found here.

Also happening this weekend is the 1st St. Helena Family Film Festival. This festival comes from the very hard work of everyone over at Cameo Cinemas. There are alot of tight events such as tonight there is going to be an open panel with some animators from Disney, tomorrow they are having a pancake breakfast, Sunday they are showing the movie Macho Taildrop, and Monday Night is Oscar Night.

Oscar Night is my favorite night because I was actually involved with it. As part of the Family Film Fest, the Cameo allowed children to send in their movie ideas and accepted some of them from production. The Cameo then hired some of us majors(film that is) from PUC to mentor these kids into making a movie. I just wanna see these kids go nuts when they see themselves up on the big screen. It's truly rewarding knowing that you helped a kid reach his goal in making a movie.

For more on the website, visit the Cameo website(it's linked above).

As of next year, I'm excited for working with Aaron David Doyle, video yearbook editor. He has some great ideas. I'm overly excited for working on my own short Fall of Man which is part of the larger film Sex,Drugs, and Alcohol. Third, I'll be working as Assistant Director on Stephen Lutes' senior thesis next year. Also, I am trying to convince upperclassmen Adriel Angeico to let me have an acting role(my new love) on his feature he will be working on next year.

A lot of good things to look forward to next season.

But look through the blog for flashbacks from this one,
The Edgar van Aces.

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