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January 21, 2010

Random thought the other day

So, maybe y'all don't know but I want to be a comedic writer and recently someone told me I have no sense of humor. And I was like what? Is this person retarted (I don't want to say who because of the validity of the previous statement has not yet been confirmed) And my mind began to ponder on this ferocious person's statement. And I came to this conclusion: Telling me I have no sense of humor is like telling an airplane pilot he has no sense of sight.....midflight.

Just some thoughts,
Edgar van Aces


#MiKiE# said...

Hah! This made me smile. (:

Anonymous said...

This might be pushing the douchebaggery scale a little... but its spelled retard.

..Just sayin'

Edgar van Aces said...

why thank you......ive been spelling it for years the wrong way

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