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January 20, 2010

Hello from the other guy.

Hi, I'm Edgar van Aces. I am co-founder of Los Negritos Productions. I enjoy walking around with my shirt off and The Real World. I am mostly into making comedy movies that deal with serious topics. Most of my posts up here will be my brain bastards versus having actual movie ideas so deal with it. :)

Matter o' fact. I'll start right now. Speculation is that Hannah Montana will soon reach its final season and end its dreadful reign of tyranny over pre-teen girls. Thank God! So, inspired by this act of kindness from the rather harsh TV monarch Disney, I decided to do them a favor as well. Ladies and gentelmen, The Top 10 Ways to End Hannah Montana.

(Top 10 after the jump)

10. Have a crossover between Sonny with A Chance, Suite Life, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Hannah Montana that takes place on a cruise ship travelling through the Atlantic. The cruise ship then hits an iceberg which causes the ship to sink and thus drowning everyone on it except for Demi Levato's characther who somehow lands on an island on which I only know the whereabouts.
9. Hannah Montana interrupts a fellow female pop star's acceptance speech of a "Best Music Video" award claiming her music video is better than the winner's. The show then follows the slow demise of Hannah's fame as her fans turn on her and Hannah's fall into alchoholism.
8. Hannah Montana decides to host a concert on December 21, 2012.
7. Hannah Montana is shot and killed in Las Vegas and continues to drop singles from the grave.
6. Miley reveals herself as Hannah Montana to all her school friends. She is then killed by a super fan on the way to school.
5. Hannah Montana is discovered to be lip syncing the entire time.
4. End the series with Hannah holding a press conference to reveal her true identity, and mid-sentence fade to black.
3. Hannah Montana host a concert to bring peace in the Middle East right at the Gaza Strip. She is killed in crossfire.
2. Hannah Montana causes the Jonas Brothers breaking up and is ultimately hailed as Yoko Ono of the 21st Century.
1. Miley Cyrus, herself, comes to screen and apologizes for even creating the show in the first place.

Edgar van Aces

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