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February 8, 2010

Introduction and "THE HATTER"

Hey ya'll! I'm Kylee Q Brock, also known as Q, or the Brock. Haha. But yeah, just about any name will do I suppose. The name of my films are BROCK BROCK PRODUCTIONS, (for now). My hope is to get my younger sister to later join the film world and team up with me so that we truly will be "BROCK BROCK", (sorta like the Cohen Brothers or Wayan Brothers, but much more creative, and apparently involving chickens). Anyways, I'm the only girl in the film department at the moment, which I find pretty neat-o. And I play guitar. That's pretty much all you need to know at the moment.'s my first idea inspired by my philosophy teacher who I think is incredibly...over-talkative and speaks, what I think is, irrelevantly. Besides that, here's the idea for "THE HATTER"!

In a post-apocalyptic world, one man is stuck inside a room. The world, as far as he knows, is completely destroyed, and obliterated. He even believes that the Second Coming of Christ has already happened, however, he believes God has forgotten about him and he is all that is left. In this room in which he's been trapped in, there is one single bed near the back wall, a smallish bedside table that has an old record player with one record in which he listens to every night before bed, and tightly closed-in walls that are covered from ground to ceiling in shelves. These shelves have hundreds of labeled hats. Each hat is unique and, when worn, is a passage into another
virtual world; an old memory or past worldwide experience. Examples of this are that there is a top hat which leads to a ballroom dance back in the seventeenth century, a red silk hat that leads to a sexual encounter of a beautiful woman in an all red room, and even a beer can hat which leads to a dingy living room where a TV is playing a football game. Although all these worlds feel real, they are only imaginary worlds; they're only memories.

In this room, there is a door which is believed to lead to the outside world. This "hatter" has no interest in leaving however because he thinks there really isn't a world out there, and that there is no one else out there but him anyways. On his bedside table there are piles of paper, stacked high and wide, with random memories and the documented experiences of the hats he wears. Back in the old world, as he remembers it, he was a recorder, and he was known to document every little incident that ever happened. He had to take record of all that happened inside each world, and such was his destiny until he died. So every hat he put on, after he took it off, he'd write down everything that had just happened.
In these worlds is where he would eat and use the bathroom. Somehow, although they were virtual, the foods he ate would be enough sustenance to last him.
Overlooking his bed was one cased, black hat in which he feared. It didn't have a label, and it terrified him not knowing where it led. He refused to wear it, however every day he'd look at it and promise that he'd wear it tomorrow.

One night, he goes to sleep after listening to his routine song and wakes up to find a little boy in his room. He mysteriously arrived, out of nowhere, as if the boy had found a rip in one of the memory wormholes and entered this present time by chance. The truth is, neither of them know how they got here, but the boy knows everything there is to know about the old world, which is helpful to the Hatter.
Since the Hatter is old and knows he won't be around forever, he decides to keep the boy and train him as an apprentice so that when he goes, the boy will take over and continue to solve what really happened to the old world before the end of time.

The ending is epic guys. I'm not going to tell you what all happens just yet, but oh man, IT'S GOOD. Michael knows what it is, but we won't tell! It's too good. Let's just say..."WHAT A TWIST!"

Kylee Q Brock


darkhoundstudios said...

let me guess: the little boy turns out to be himself. Ant in the end he decides to leave the room?

Michael Castellanos! said...

Hmm, I probably should have stated this earlier: This is a Hudgens Free Zone.

can you at least spell check before pathetically attempting a spoiler?

darkhoundstudios said...

Ha ha ha, Since you took your time to say something, i'm assuming i guessed right!!!! I'm such a genius. I will take your applause now!

darkhoundstudios said...

Also, since you really dont want me here i wont comment ever again. hope your satisfied!!!!

Edgar van Aces said...

hahahaa no hudgens....the problem is that this isnt michael's story it's kylee's hahahahahaha

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