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February 9, 2010

Out-Cast, My Spring Break Writing Project, and Hello to Our Newest Member

Wow, with so much going on at once, I am constantly shifting through projects. SA Elections are happening at my school soon. I was once considering running for PUC Cast but our ridiculous of a senate voted it out as a position. So as a form of pure rebellion, I have taken it upon myself (along with many other rebels) to create the PUC Cast underground. Otherwise known as the the Out-Cast. I will be shooting it on Wedsenday and I am looking for an in-studio audience. Try to be there or continue your life as a mindless sap.

The Super Bowl was yesterday. It was uninteresting to me, since Peyton Manning screwed up the entire game. But a particular Gatorade commercial caught my attention. The way it was shot made me think, what if there was an entire football movie shot like this (of course without narration). So this spring break, Alejandro and I will write a fictional football movie shot in more of a documentary style. Something along the lines of The Hurtlocker and District 9. After writing it, we will show it to Vance, our awesome Department Director, and see what he thinks.

Last, but not least, I would like to welcome our newest writer on the blog, Kylee Q Brock. I am so glad that we finally decided to add some estrogen on this blog. But let me heed a warning to you Ms. Q, there is a hierarchy in this blog. KNOW YOUR RANK. Just kidding. But yes, I do smell some fresh ideas from our young grasshopper.

I think that about it hummus wraps it up. Until next time.

"Oh my god, you were SUSPENDED"
Edgar van Aces

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