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March 8, 2010

An Amazing Saturday Night Without John Travolta

First off, kudos to whoever gets my title reference.
Second, last Saturday (2 days ago) PUC had a talent show.
Surprisingly enough, the talent show didn't reflect the campus at all.
It was exciting, awesome, and I quote Michael: "Sextacular".

The hosting was sub par. Jake Friday tried flexing his comedy muscle without busting the Administration's balls, but sadly his extremely appropriately dressed co-host (sarcasm intended) Rachelle Parish did not do him justice. I think she insulted all of our intelligence.

The performances overall were pretty good.
There was chill music, there was extreme hype, and then there was Christopher Walters.
I saw two guys play one guitar, which made me associate the number 2 to good things, ever since 2 Girls 1 Cup.
Our very own Kylee Q Brock fulfilled her promise and performed a spectacular original piece.
And the best of all: the non-stop rap medley. Like seriously two different groups that just never ended.
My sleeper hit would have to be The Drags with their amazing tunes, two percussionist, a cowbell solo, and a LSILF. (Lead Singer I'd Like To Feel)

Overall, I liked the talent show. Hopefully there will be a lot more like it. Maybe, I'll even get to host one. Maybe.

Here are some clips Michael got:

"How dare you bring an incomprehensible black man into my room"
Edgar van Aces


elissa. said...

saturday night fever?

Edgar van Aces said...

well look at you so proud of you

elissa. said...

haha why thank you!

Edgar van Aces said...

ur welcome

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