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March 4, 2010

Change of Events

I was going to do the animation on the skeletons, but something better has come to my mind.

Once upon a time, I wrote a script called Battle For the Mind. It was about a person battling their alter ego inside a dark corner of their mind.
I am now, officially, going to 3D animate that script.
The thing about this animation is that it'll take a shorter time to make, its powerful, and all I need is one model to animate it. All I have to do with that model is texture it 3 different ways.
I'm thinking about a voice actor right now.
List of possible voice actors:
Edgar van Aces
Cameron Crabtree
(oddly) Professor Vance

Or I could get a girl to do the voice.

Still deciding, but I know I definitely want to animate this script.

Sorry for the sudden change of heart.

oddly inspired,
Jonathan Hudgens

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