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March 6, 2010

New Idea for a TV Series

Title: The Wedding Dress Killer

Guy meets girl, guy marries girl, girl turns out to be a serial killer, girl and her mysterious partner try to kill guy, guy narrowly escapes, guy runs away, girl hunts him down, somehow he manages to escape from her every episode.

The scene in my head that started the story:
A girl wearing a bloody wedding dress, welding a sword. She was silhouetted against the light of the moon. I know what your saying. How is this different from kill bill?
In a lot of ways.
She has one henchman who's shes married to. He wields a sword too. And since this is fantasy, he can use that sword to slice cars in half.
I haven't thought of a back story, but this story is perfect for my final script for class.  :)

have fun in whatever you do,
Jonathan Hudgens


Michael Castellanos! said...

Sounds like it could be an anime.

here's what i don't understand:
is the girl married to the henchman already??
before she married the guy?
why does a serial killer need a henchman?

but i guess that's all back story that you're still thinking of. haha

jonathan hudgens said...

Ok, shes now not married to a henchman. She has two henchmen and They are Gay. But if you make fun of them they will calmly blow your head off without a word.
She needs them so she can kill her husbands with a little more variety.

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