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March 3, 2010

The Fall Of Man-Ten Page Version

Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol is coming along beautifully. I heard from the whispers of the Ozzy-looking mastermind, that he has a concept that he is working on. The other director on the film, Neil Soiland, is currently penning a script. We are all racing to our Spring Break deadline. I'm kinda in the lead due to our assignment class.

As mentioned earlier, I am basing my segment off of a short I wrote for my Short Scriptwriting class. So, just like Michael, I decided to give you guys a sneak at the ten page version of the script. The full version will have more in-depth scenes, more encounters, an alternate opening scene, and I will change the narration. But check out the 10/10 version I gave to Vance.

"I'm not Indian"
Edgar van Aces

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