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March 3, 2010

Vita: The 10-Page Preview Script

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a short titled Vita.
Quite a bit has happened since then.

About a couple weeks ago I was assigned to do a ten-page short for my scriptwriting class.
What better chance than then to finally write Vita?
While it has been limited to ten pages, I got the gist of the story out there on paper.
Plus I received 10/10 on it!
Professor's notes: "Fascinating! Good. You pack a lot of action without overwriting."

Because it has been so limited, MUCH of the story had to be removed.
So just consider this ten-pager just rough outline of the actual finished product.

Here is a link to the Google Documents version of the short.

Some important stuff that has been excluded:
- More than one encounter with God
- Michael, the Ex-Reaper is originally introduced as a Fallen Angel
- The actual story is supposed to be narrated by Andy
- Special guest appearances by Lucifer (he is actually in the short version, can you point him out?)
- Multiple endings
- Way more elaboration on the heavenly job title as of Harvester or Souls
- Possibly more scenes with Jen and Andy
- And probably some other stuff that I can't think of right now..

Stay Hungry Folks,
Michael Castellanos!


jonathan hudgens said...

bravo mike, bravo!!!!!! i like your script. Its deep, and meaningfull. Wow, i love it. BRAVO!!!!

Edgar van Aces said...

like always michael...i want in...because this thing is on fire

elissa. said...

i don't know why everytime i read any of you guys' scripts [[that doesn't really make sense.. haha]] i am so impressed! you'd think i'd know by now. great job to both yours AND edgar's!

ryanorjonas said...

looks pretty cool. pretty cool & eerie. wish i could read the final cut, but things like this happen to lots of people. since i have nothing to compare it to, it's pretty boss.

#MiKiE# said...

this is thoroughly awesome. though andy seems pretty damned brave to confront God like that. lol.

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