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March 14, 2010

If Any of My IDEA Friends Read the Blog.....

So I decided to post up the first draft of my script for short scriptwriting...
for the aforementioned....
Do you recognize the characters?

Dudes In College - Episode 1 - First Draft

Edgar van Aces
[Editors Note: IDEA is one of a few schools once attended by van Aces himself!]


jonathan hudgens said...

Poor jonathan. Hes the abused character in this script.

jonathan hudgens said...

Jonathan is the abused character (reminds me of me, you could at least changed the name :()), miranda reminds me of a certain someone i know. Aaron remids me of Aaron.

At the begining i thought to myself"where is this going?"
At the end, it was funny.
Except for jon being abused be his so called "friends"

Edgar van Aces said...

Hey genius......this is jonathan ('s my pretty sure you don't know miranda because as I clearly can only remember the characters if you're from my high school...which, Thank God, you weren't

jonathan hudgens said...

Oh, i kinda knew that. but Jonathan is still the oppressed character in your story.

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