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May 4, 2010

Three for the Price of One

dear bloggers,

Its been a long time since i last posted something, and I've been going through some things, but through my misery I've had a light guide me through. Her name is Rayna Duran, my friend. Together we have created a story pitch.

so here it is, the end to the silence:

title: Three for the Price of One


Little Anna''s death was a tragic one. But when someone dies they leave a memory behind. The memory of Ann rest in the minds of three people; Sarah, a woman who's independence has led to her success, Darel, the convict, and Earl, the trash man. Hear the story on how this little girl changed the course of all their lives, for the better.
its three for the price of one.

Thanks Rayna, (i had fun "bonding" with you)

Jonathan Hudgens

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