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April 25, 2010

Why There Won't Be Any Drugs this Quarter?

Not literal drugs. Sorry to deceive any crackheads into reading this ( not like you could sit still to do it anyways.) But this is a post to inform that my portion of Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol will not be made anytime soon. We ran into a few speed bumps.

My Lead Actor/ Producer, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, my two other Producers, and myself are all on probation this quarter. To make a film of this magnitude of drug use/reference would put us at a risk. Though I am always down for films that push the grain, I am not in favor of putting anyone besides myself at risk. So my producers and I have decided that this is the safest move, legally, to make.

What does this mean for Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol. The other two directors, Michael and Neil, have the option of filming their segments this quarter and not doing anything with them until my segment is completed or just shooting without me. I think they are still making their minds on it. So, I doubt this quarter I will becoming up with any videos that are creative. ( I don't count the Sonoma Project...I am just a producer)

But next year I have some big things planned. I have a few music video ideas up my sleeve. I am currently working on writing a pilot for a British web series with my friend Kieran Henshall. Third, I have decided to work on the Lady Gaga with my friend Jackie Lott. And of course next year you can look foward to the full of version of Fall of Man either in SDA or by itself.

Sadly feels himself growing up,
Edgar van Aces

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